Monday, 1 February 2016

5 Very Necessary Things To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy


5 Very Necessary Things To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy

When you own a dog you have to keep eye on many factors to keep your dog healthy and obviously happy.So here are some very basic tips to be a good pop or mom for your dog

1# Keep Sure That You're Providing Right Food

It is important to provide a healthy and nutritious food for your dog which will be easy for digestion and loved by your dog.
Food can affect dogs health in mnay ways ,the energy of dog, health of fur,shine of eyes and weight all things are counted in the health of a dog.

2# Excercise

Excercise is the most important after food.To keep the dog healthy,happy and increase the age of dog.Excercise is good both for you and your dog so go towalk with your dog in park or street and enjoy

3#Meeting The Vet

No one wants to visit the doctor but it is very important for your dog to do regular checkups .They will guide you the suitable food for different breeds that you cant gudge on your own .

4#Learn To Understand

Every breed of dog with different age have differnt needs and with age their needs can change .Dogs can't communicate therefore you have to be good daddy /mummy and understand dog's behaviour and their need.

5#Some time for your dog

Dogs are very loyal and playful animals they need your love and attention so if you are very bussy and return home late they can feel that and may be they will get sick .
Give some time to your doge i am sure you will also feel good and amazing by playing with dog. :)


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