Sunday, 24 May 2015

Top 6 Best Dog Breeds for Anxiety Patient


 The best dog breeds for anxiety will have a laid-back, happy go lucky nature; to both lift spirits and get the owner out of the house and into fresh air. Dog breeds that are easy to please are also easiest to train, and it helps if they have a natural sensitivity to their owner’s needs

Top 6  Best Dog Breeds for Anxiety Patients



Top 6  Best Dog Breeds for Anxiety Patients

The Welsh Corgi is the Queen’s favorite, yet also boasts many qualities that make it stand out as an excellent service or companion dog. Traditionally used as herding dogs, these same protective qualities make them loyal companions and good dog breeds for anxiety. They grow fiercely attached to their owners and to children, guarding and protecting their loved ones.
For any of these breeds to excel as a working service dog, they will need to have received the proper training. You can speak to your therapist about whether or not a therapy dog could be beneficial for you.




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